Monday, December 8, 2008

Underground Comics

Originally uploaded by Matt DeLight

ah yup...Once again, another member of the Local 303 find themselves in a big deal fancy art type show. This time it's non-other than THE.... Matt DeLight.
It's up in Mill Valley. I guess that where rich people live. Being poor, I really have no clue.
Anyhoo, I'm part of this show...and I'm pretty stoked...
It's at The Milk and Honey Gallery, 384 Miller Ave.
I'm showing with the likes of...
Wednesday Kirwan
Andrew Perry
and Paul Madonna
It will be up all of December...and into January. You should check it out....if you are remotely that way.
Hell, and make me famous.
303 forvever.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2-D/3-D Art Happening

Cheez SaPrity
Originally uploaded by Matt DeLight's gonna be the jams. A connected show that is being put on by the two stores... Neon Monster and Fabric 8. Visit the info-web fer more info...but you can see the work of matt delight at Neon Monster... which is at 901 Castro St. SF CA ... in case you didn't know.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vinyl Apocalypse!!!!

So the cool dudes at yer favorite...The Local 303... are apparently in some sweety hipster art show at the always fan-tabby Lower Haters (or is it Lower Hater...the website is lowerhater...but print media would tell me otherwise..huh) Anyhoo, you can see some really stellar pieces by Jason Dryg, Joshua Ellingson, Dave Garvey and myself.(Matt DeLight...i did this sweety Pete Doherty that shouldn't be missed) Oh, and lot's other ot
The details
Friday June 6th, 7-11pm
Lower Hater/s
597 Haight Street @Steiner fer more intel

and naw, no pics fer you. you'll just have to see fer yerselves.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dot-com Central returns to earthly pursuits

I don't remember it quite this way, but the SF Gate has an article on our neighborhood-- Dot-com Central returns to earthly pursuits:

"Only a decade ago when the new high-tech economy was pumping cash into the Bay Area, a tiny part of the Mission District near Potrero Hill became one of the staging grounds for dot-com drama. The place was filthy with startups — some of them hell-bent on selling services or products or even ideas nobody wanted or needed.

Evicted tenants were protesting loudly outside glinting aluminum-windowed offices, where digerati had migrated from around the country to make their fortunes before the age of 25. The Yuppie Eradication Project, founded and implemented by a resident radical, was happily keying SUVs and wheatpasting insults on the buildings catering to the incoming dot-com elite."

More accurately, this area was known as "Audio Alley", and the 1890 Building was a vacant warehouse. The lofts they picture in the article were a cement plant; and yes the 18th and Bryant building across the street was much fancier, but it had been undergoing renovations for years before the dotcom.

ZDTV/Tech TV had their studios on York, near KQED. RealNetworks was there (only I believe it was who they purchased at the time), the 17th and Alabama building was full with companies like and and later all the AOL music properties.

Most dotcommies at the time of the dotcom boom thought of NEMIZ as the wacky artsy creative dotcom areas, not so business focused like the stuff around South Park.

The area was slated by developers for more business action than actually happened; Bryant Park complex across from Blowfish was scheduled to be a large dotcom office building, but then the crash just left that as a large hole in the ground for almost 10 years.

A lot of the anger over displaced local businesses didn't occur in NEMIZ, but rather in the heart of the mission, in the old Bayview Bank building (now US Bank), that high rise on Mission near 22nd.

Our building, and the one across the street, had been abandoned warehouses for years before the dotcom boom.

One thing that bugs me about these articles is that the dotcommers always get the blame for ruining the neighborhoods, not the landlords. The landlords were the ones evicting people and raising their rents when their leases expired in the hopes of getting huge rent increases from new tenants.

Monday, April 14, 2008

M&M Colors

I just noticed this:

There are no white m&ms!!? And no black m&ms???!

Just green, blue, red, yellow, orange and brown?

And why are there so many blue m&ms lately? Is that the cheapest food color?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Open Studios at The Local 303

Spring Open Studios is happening in mere weeks here at The Local 303. Please come by 1890 Bryant and enjoy 2 floors for artists participating in Mission Open Studios. The Local 303 is on the third floor in Suite #303. Check out new artwork by Local 303 artists Dave Garvey, Matt Delight, Josh Ellingson, and Jason Dryg. We'll have refreshments and musical entertainment on hand. See you soon!

Mission Open Studios

Friday Evening
April 25, 2008 - 6pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday
April 26-27, 2008 - 11am-6pm

1890 Bryant Street is one of many locations in the Mission where artists will open their studios to visitors during this last weekend in April. Learn more at

Josh Ellingson
The Local 303

Thursday, March 13, 2008

back from SXSW Interactive

at the MAKE booth -SXSW
I just got back from Austin, TX where, against better judgement, I decided to attend the South by Southwest Interactive conference. I know, I should have stayed for Music, but all I could afford was the Interactive portion and I thought I should check that out since I did the poster for the (unofficial) afterparty "16 Bit".
I got in Friday night and immediately went to a party down the road to meet up with Rusty and the rest of the SomaFM crew. Thus began a crazy pattern of nightly drinking/socializing followed all too soon by mornings and afternoons of panel discussions. This was my first time to SXSW Interactive and my first time back to Austin since I was a little kid. I actually attended second grade there. Not a lot was familiar but the grass is soft like I remember and everything is gigantic, especially the bars. Walking to and from the Austin Convention Center was surprisingly easy. The city blocks were fairly small and getting around was a breeze. I thought it would be warmer in Texas this time of year, but it stayed pretty chilly the entire time. I was glad I brought a hat.
I was told that Twitter "would be my best friend" during the convention and I tried to keep up with everyone's goings-on via their "tweets". What ended up happening is I got overwhelmed like most unprepared newbies, and eventually gave up trying to keep up. The schedule got tossed, Twitter went ignored, and I decided to wing it at my own pace.

16 Bit ended up being a lot of fun despite most of my friends being stuck in the endless line outside. I signed many posters and made a few new friends. I think my favorite party of the trip was "20x2" at The Parish. The gist is that twenty people of various creative backgrounds got on stage to answer the question of the day. The question for this 20x2 was "What's the Difference?" Some answered abstractly, some had video, some were funny, some were songs, and some were literal.
Rusty decided to ask the audience to pay attention to the difference between the shared experience of radio vs. an "on demand" Celestial Jukebox model like Pandora or iMeem. It kind of brought up the values of community vs. open-templates and really put a finger on a big issue of the entire SXSW Interactive event.

I have to say that I felt out of my element in the convention hall. Not many of the panels seemed to apply to what I do in my career. Many were about the Social Networking phenomenon and marketing. A lot of the other ones seemed to deal with technical issues such as scalability and accessibility. What kind of scared me were topics on the schedule like "Logos, Why They Are Irrelevant and Can Hurt Your Business" and "Does Tomorrow's World Need Designers?". I sat in for most of the "Logos" panel and have to say it was almost just infuriating for infuriation's sake. The panel started out by making a few decent points against spending lots of time and money creating a brand that has barely gotten off the ground. They discussed how RSS readers and text links can only get a name across, and that the name should be more important as a brand-identifier than a particular mark. What discredited the whole thing for me were the panelists confusion over what constitutes a logo. After turning things over to the audience for questions, one attendee pointed out that the panelists were presiding in front of a SXSW banner that featured nine distinct and well designed logos. One panelist tried to make the point that her name placard could be considered a "logo" and another panelist tried to rebuff the audience member by saying that some of the logos on the banner were "logo-types" and some were "logos". Also discrediting were this panelist's constant remark that he's "just fanning the fires here", as though he were only just setting up an argument to be argued. I left disappointed and wandered upstairs to nurse my hangover in the Harlon Ellison panel. While I listened to Harlon talk about the years he's spent defending his writing against other people's vision, I thought about the "Logo" panelists arguments that a brand mark should be unimportant to a company looking to be bought out by a larger corporation. I thought about things like integrity and pride. I thought about community versus modular "made to order" systems. The whole idea of a community of bloggers and creatives coming together in one building seems to represent an importance to following one another's activities and interests. I'm not sure the web would be as fun if everything were this kind of "on demand" experience without authorship. So, I think the "radio versus jukebox" thing at 20x2 was right on the money. I didn't make it to the "Does Tomorrow's World Need Designers?" panel but I hope tomorrow's world needs all kinds of designers, and writers, and musicians, and illustrators, and people who like that kind of thing...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't read your blog...

Merin has some cool new Tshirts she's selling:

I don't read your blog

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shooting near the studio

I don't quite get this, but it happened really close to the studio:

...Another shooting was reported from a taxi cab in the area of 16th and Harrison Streets, police said.
A passenger in the cab was shot near the buttocks and right thigh area, police reported. The unidentified victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital and treated for non life-threatening injuries, police said.
Two unidentified suspects, believed to be outside the taxi at the time of the shooting, were taken into custody, police said. The driver was not injured, police reported.

More on

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The freight elevator in 1890 is always broken. Either totally broken, or mostly broken. They've been having problems with the interlocks on the doors lately. And then the elevator would start, and then whirr and not go anywhere.

It's a scary elevator.


The machinery that makes it run seems to be from the 30s or 40s.


Even more frightening.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nice to get some sun in the studio

Nice to get some sun in the studio, it's been so cold before today. At least we didn't have a serious roof leakage problem like we did last year.


Holiday Decompressing

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our Holiday Decompression party! We had an incredible turnout of great and interesting people. Thanks to Elise and special guest Bagel Ted for spinning tunes all evening.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Febuary at the Artist Exchange... can see, and perchase the fine, fine, art works of the 303. I'm not really sure how it happened...but, it did. Josh Ellingson, Jason "Red Dot" Dryg, Dave Garvey, and myself...Matt DeLight...all have something at the Art Exchange this month... Which, lemme tell ya... Valentines Day is just right aroung the corner... and nothing sez I love you like The 303. Why, you may even see some of the members slinking around opening night fer free wine and cookies. yeah, cookies are delicious.
The openinig is Friday Feb. 1st...7-9ish...maybe later's the address and gallery hours.
Artist-Xchange Gallery
3169 16th Street
San Francisco
CA 94103


Mon-Fri: 12pm - 9pm
Sat: 11am - 9pm
Sun: 11am - 8pm

wwwwoooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh 303!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The 303 loves hella environment... the memeber donate pieces to help bay area clean-up...are we awesome or what.
my mollusk flier...

I, matt delight, did the drawing...and ya know, i have no clue who did the text.
anyhoo, if you live in the bay area...check it out and buy some art....everything is priced under 100 dollars. that's pretty cheap for owning a piece of history.