Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vinyl Apocalypse!!!!

So the cool dudes at yer favorite...The Local 303... are apparently in some sweety hipster art show at the always fan-tabby Lower Haters (or is it Lower Hater...the website is lowerhater...but print media would tell me otherwise..huh) Anyhoo, you can see some really stellar pieces by Jason Dryg, Joshua Ellingson, Dave Garvey and myself.(Matt DeLight...i did this sweety Pete Doherty that shouldn't be missed) Oh, and lot's other ot
The details
Friday June 6th, 7-11pm
Lower Hater/s
597 Haight Street @Steiner
lowerhater.com fer more intel

and naw, no pics fer you. you'll just have to see fer yerselves.